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Captain Roy

Captain Roy has enjoyed fishing all his life. He is a 40+ year veteran of the Cape Cod Islands, and has a great deal of knowledge about the area. Captain Roy is an expert fisherman, and he knows were to find the biggest fish!

Unlike the bigger commercial charter services on the Cape, Captain Roy believes in personal service, which makes Rachael M. Charters a more entertaining experience.

Come have fun with us today!

We offer day charters to catch any number of North Atlantic fish. We can carry up to six people for a full day of sea side fun.


Blue Fin Tuna
Season: July - October
Yellow Fin Tuna
Season: July - October
Season: July - September
Sea Bass
Season: June - September
Blue Fish
Season: Year Round
Season: May - September
Season: May - September
Cod Fish
Season: Year Round
Various Shark
Season: Year Round
**These seasonal times are suggestions. See Massachusetts Regulations for detailed fish laws.

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